About Us

About Us:
Red Scarf Union (aka ‘The Union’ or R.S.U.) is an Ottawa Senators supporters group dedicated to bringing the noise at Sens games. Founded in 2007 as the RSA – Real Sens Army, the name was changed in early 2010. Our group consists of die-hard Sens fans who go to games with the intentions of supporting the home team to the fullest. We chant, wave flags and cheer our loudest from Section 319. We are here to stay and we WILL make a difference at Scotiabank Place.

Mission Statement:
We are the RSU, a group of fans who are devoted to their team like nobody else. It is our mission to have Sens fans recognised throughout the league as the best fans in the NHL. We want to be the envy of every other teams fan base. We will take our arena back – This is our town, our team, not Toronto’s, nor Montreal’s… This is OTTAWA. When an opposing fan is loud, we will be louder. When they boo our captain, we drown them out with cheers. We wear our colours with pride at all times. We will erase the notion that Ottawa’s fan base is fickle and have no heart. Ottawa is privileged to be the home of the NHL’s best and we will display our pride for all to see. Our love for the boys in RED is strong and we’ll support them through thick and thin. We will be strong, passionate and united as one behind our Ottawa Senators. This is Hockey Country and we are it’s proud citizens.

The Red Scarf – “A symbol of strength, pride and solidarity” :
Our symbol is the wearing of the scarf. We wear the scarf as a symbol of our strength as a collective group, our pride for the team and our city and our solidarity in the face of adversity.
The scarf is an international symbol of ‘The Fan’. Wearing our scarves together, we show others we are commited to our team, we show our pride for our beloved Senators and it ties us together. Together as one, one entity, one collective, we are stronger. We aren’t individual Sens fans, we are one collective union. Every game is a battle and the Union is always ready.

R.S.U. Etiquette:

  • Never jump ship when times get hard
  • No other team’s fans should be louder than us or boo our captain in our own building
  • We don’t cheer for another team at any point (If our team happens to be eliminated from the playoffs, we don’t start cheering our loudest for Montreal, Vancouver or anybody else simply because they’re another Canadian team, they’re still a rival team.)
  • Never be afraid to support our team – at the game, in the bar, on the bus or on the street.
  • We show our support every game of the year – not only when the playoffs start.
  • NEVER start a fight with a fellow Sens fan. If you’re at SBP, expect people to be rowdy. Don’t start arguments with someone over being loud, standing up, waving a flag, etc. It’s called supporting your team. If you wanted to watch the game in silence, we suggest watching it at home.
  • Treat SBP staff with respect: They may not understand our enthusiasm at time but they still deserve our respect. If a member of SBP staff is getting in your face about your passion, don’t yell, don’t make a scene… Be mature, be professional and ask to speak to her/his supervisor.
  • Drinking: Everyone enjoys a few beers at the game but have respect for your fellow RSU members and other fans around you. Please drink responsibly.
  • The game isn’t over until it’s over! Leaving with 2 minutes left is a slap in the face of the players on the ice who lay everything on the line for a full 60 minutes. A 2 minute head start will only get you home 2 minutes faster!

Our Arena:
Scotia Bank Place is our mecca! With every game comes a pilgrimage to our sacred place. A pilgrimage is a journey, not a 5 minute walk or a 10 minute drive. It’s a JOURNEY! That is why we travel from far and wide to watch our team play in Kanata!